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Want to take your auto repair shop to the next level with a plan that's 100% customized for you? Let's have a quick chat to see if it's right for you!


"When I first began working with Ron and Gerry, my shop was struggling to make just $350,000 per year. Last year we did over $2.5M!"

– Mehrdad Avar

Why "Maverick Shop Owners"?

Here at Maverick Shop Owners, we understand the challenges faced by auto repair shop owners. The struggle to make a profit, dealing with employee issues, and not seeing desired growth in your business. It can seem like things are spiraling out of control, but help is at hand.

We recognize that no two auto repair shops are the same and that's why our program provides personalized and tailored help. We limit the number of clients to ensure that our focus is on you. We want to help you turn your business around and start earning a substantial profit.

Bottom Line:
If you're ready to embrace change, increase profitability, and achieve success in your auto repair business, then we can help!

How Can We Transform Your Business?

I'm Ron Ipach, co-founder of Maverick Shop Owners. I, along with Gerry Frank, have more than 58 years of combined experience in this industry. Over the years, we've helped countless auto repair shop owners get an endless stream of top-quality customers, sell their services for top dollar, crank up their profits, and live the lifestyles they deserve.

Our flagship program, Maverick Shop Owners Coaching & Mentoring Program, offers a comprehensive strategy covering all aspects of running a successful auto repair shop. From marketing, sales, profitability, to dealing with employee issues, and everything else required to run a successful shop. Our approach is personalized and is designed to turn struggling shops into thriving businesses.

Plus, you get access to our tight-knit community where everyone’s got your back, offering support and advice whenever you need it. 

The best part? With our 58 years of combined experience working with shop owners, we're confident we can help you reach your goals. So confident in fact that I'm proud to say that we're the only coaching group in the industry that's willing to stand behind what we do with a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee!

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I hope we'll talk soon,
Ron Ipach
Co-founder, Maverick Shop Owners


 If you don't make 10X your investment back, we'll refund 100% of your money.


Here are just a few of the award winning shop owners you'll get to know and learn from when you join us...

Brad Jenner

Affordable Automotive Repair
Fredricksburg, VA

Bill Collins

Elite Automotive
Covington, KY

Danny Spitznagle

Fort Walton Radiator & Auto Repair
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Bryan Chevarie

Absolute Auto
Fitchburg, MA

Jerry Kezhaya

The Auto Shop
Plano, TX

Eric & Shawn Jutras

Next Level Automotive
Concord, NH

Jim Scott

Atco Tire Company
Laytonsville, MD

Mehrdad Avar

Haven Auto Repair
Rancho Cucamonga, C

Chad & Maggie Pitts

Pitts Automotive
Tuscaloosa, AL

Mike Caprio

East Rock Auto
New Haven, CT

Roberto Severino

Rapido Lube Brake Repair
St Petersburg, FL

Zar Syed

Mechanic One
Canton, MI