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Okay, Let's Cut Through The Confusion...

In the vast sea of marketing advice, finding a clear path to promote your auto repair shop can feel overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, there's a new strategy, a must-try technique, bombarding you with conflicting information. It's no wonder many shop owners are left feeling confused and unsure where to begin. But what if you could cut through the noise?


Introducing Our Proven Approach

One of our co-founders, Ron Ipach, is known in the industry as 'Captain Car Count' and has helped over 8763 shop owners to get all the car count they can handle for over 28 years. His approach is simple and straightforward, designed to calm your fears, and guide you step by step towards a marketing strategy that works. We understand the unique challenges of marketing an auto repair shop and have tailored our methods to help you thrive.


Check Out Our FREE 'REPAIR SHOP TUNE-UP' Training Below And Discover:

  • How To Identify Your Ideal Customers: Learn who your best customers are and where to find them.
  • Crafting The Right Message: Discover exactly what to say to attract these customers to your shop.
  • Capture Their Attention: Uncover strategies to grab and hold your target audience's attention.
  • Timing Is Everything: Find out the best times to market to your customers for maximum impact.
  • Plus 7 additional videos to help boost your sales and profitability!


Finally... Take Control of Your Marketing

Forget the overwhelm. With our proven step-by-step approach, you'll gain the clarity and confidence to effectively market your auto repair shop. Sign up for our free 4-part video series today and start attracting the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.

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